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    The AZCO ACU-SERT™ CI-250 Inserter will automatically feed, cut and dispense sheets for your application. With an optional eye registration system, the unit will cut registered sheets, without the need of a printed eye mark. The use of material in roll form will save approximately 20% of the cost of the material, compared to using pre-cut sheets. With a roll, labor is reduced and operator error is eliminated. One roll can hold over 30,000 insertions and there is no need to continuously load a magazine, as done with pre-cut sheets.

    The inserter feeds and cuts paper, film, foil, and label inserts up to 9 in/250 mm wide. Overwrapped coupons and leaflet pouches may also be fed from a fan-folded web. A 2-panel folding plow option is available to fold any web up to 6 in/160 mm wide in half, prior to delivery.

    This unit can be a master or a slave to an existing line. Simple to use and integrate, and jam-free. Plug directly into 110 V AC, and supply a dry contact signal when ready to dispense the next sheet.

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    AZCO Corp. offers modules and units used to feed and cut flexible products. Our sheeter, cut-to-length knife assemblies, rotary cutters, slitter modules, and punches can convert sheets or rolls of your flexible material including absorbent materials, film, foam, foil, laminates, mesh, metalized film, nonwovens, paper, personal care products, rubber, tape, Teflon, thin gauge metal, and Velcro. ISO 9001:2008 certified. Made in USA.

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