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    The B & H Glue Extrusion System 2.0 (GES 2.0) is a patented, fully automatic, recipe driven hot melt adhesive applicator for roll-fed labeling.

    It isn’t a glue wheel system.

    It isn’t a spray glue system.

    It is new, different, and it is changing the way hot melt adhesives are applied to roll-fed labels.

    The B & H GES 2.0 is exclusively available as part of the Marathon series of labelers.

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    B & H Labeling Systems | B & H MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC.

    B & H Labeling Systems, founded in 1969, is a U.S. based designer and manufacturer of labeling equipment. We are a labeling equipment specialist, and our sole focus is on providing best-in-class labeling solutions to our customers.

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