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    These units reflect the same emphasis on sophisticated yet simplified design that has
    earned BeaverMatic acceptance from heat processors throughout the world.
    Precision-engineered and built to the industry’s most exacting specifications, Beaver-
    Matic® Carbottoms can heat treat loads up to 100,000 lbs., and sections 20 ft., 30 ft.,
    or longer, at temperatures to 1850°F (1010°C). Numerous design options are available
    ranging from standard or modular furnaces to loading / unloading systems and heating
    with electric elements or gas-firing in a variety of configurations. Pulse gas-fired
    to reduce energy consumption can also be provided. Each furnace is customized to
    individual requirements, which can be seen within this brochure.
    For Carbottom Furnace Technology geared to your specific needs, rely on BeaverMatic.
    We’re confident you’ll find us an excellent choice!

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