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    With an effective working area of 1240x620 mm the new MC120 minicentre joins the big work area necessity with a very reliable automatic tool changer.

    These allow a high standard of manufacture and can easily engrave a wide variety of materials , especially combined with practical and strong clamping systems ( self centering vise, CNC rotating head, vacuum table ) . With different diameter tools ( using the interchangeable collets) and professional system to cool them , every binding working can be done with a perfect realization safety.

    The external control unit , compact and dirty-saver, allows a high efficiency of the working management and implements the new look-ahead technology that anticipates tool movement both in 2D and 3D machining.

    The machines are totally compatible with any PC graphics software generating HPGL files and with any professional CAM system generating G-code files, even if BMPCAD, the powerful engraving software developed by BIEMMEPI can satisfy at best any user requirement.

  • Şirket hakkında

    BieMmePi, successful makers of small machining centres, started in 1981 as a subcontracting machine shop and built up significant experience in the manufacture of components for machine tools, milling, turning and grinding jobs and designed mechanical components. Some years later BieMmePi designed and developed a small CNC machining centre, the prototype of which was completed in 1987. In 1988 this centre was exhibited at the BI-MU, Italy's most important machine-tool exhibition, where its innovative mechanical and electronic solutions, compact size, ruggedness and flexibility of use were appreciated by the visitors. After the commercial success of this product, two larger models were developed; also thanks to a powerful, user-friendly engraving software package, BieMmePi's machining centres swept the engraving-machine market and acquired the reputation of rugged, versatile and reliable machines. In 1991 BieMmePi dropped the subcontracting business to prepare the launching of an innovative machine for acetate frames in the optical market. DOPPIOZERO, as this machine is known, stands out for compact-size, cost-efficiency and user-friendliness, wich makes it suitable for small frames manufactures too. The great success of this new minicentre drove BieMmePi to design a new machine for optical market, named PRIMAVISTA, expressly developed to mill cylindrical, spherical, double-spherical and toric lenses and masks. 1996 saw the launching of a new group of high speed milling machines, Meta series, with 3 and 5 axes, looking at diesinkers and modelmakers market. BieMmePi design and make every mechanical components in their own shop and also develop the programming software. A very powerful 2D and 3D CAD-CAM system has been developed during the last 8 years and it has been appreciated especially by artistic diesinkers. Software development, machines design, manufacture and assembly, theoretical and practical training classes; consultancy and after-sale service: BieMmePi purpose is to provide the most complete service possible to their customers, for whom the firm will thus as a single, all-round service point.

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