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    Key Items Include:

    Cabinet constructed of 1/2” Plate with Heavy Structural Reinforcement
    Multiple Side Cabinet Maintenance Access Doors For Ease of Maintenance
    Manganese Flights cast from HIGH-GRADE 11-14% manganese steel and high alloy steel links
    Heavy-Duty Manganese Cabinet lining to include 1” Thick Manganese barrelhead liners, inner liner plates, 3 piece Manganese Barrelhead seal
    Extreme-Duty Load Door constructed of 1” thick and ½” thick Heavy Manganese Plate
    Greatly improved top door and side seal arrangement for actual shot retention – Our machine is designed to retain the abrasive inside the shot blast machine.
    Blast Cleaning Technologies e-wheel technology: Features: Nucklesaver, M-3 Series shot blast housing, top pivot lid with M-Lok design and EPACT 3600 RPM motors with front seal system.
    10x30 Elevator Assembly in AR Steel and High Capacity Elevator Assembly
    60” Wide Separator with Heavy Duty Rotary Screen
    Full Access Platform and Ladder
    Shot Blast Parts and Service Availability – 24/7

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    Blast Cleaning Technologies | Metcast Blast Cleaning Technologies

    Metcast Blast Cleaning Technologies, experienced professionals bringing new and innovative solutions to wheel and air blast equipment. We design equipment, components, and system upgrades that provide solutions to long-standing problems with blast equipment. Latest technology includes our high performance e-wheel, designed for upgrading existing equipment and wheel units.

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