CNC (Brother CNC Controller)
  • Spec
    Metrik Özellikleri dönüştürme
    X-Eksen Hareketi
    16.1 "
    Y-Eksen Hareketi
    10.2 "
    Z-Eksen Hareketi
    6.7 "
    Otomatik Diş Açma (Evet/Hayır)
    Daldırma (Evet/Hayır)
    CNC (Brother CNC Controller)
  • Şirket hakkında
    Brother International Corp.

    the machinery & solution company's mission is to provide products and services that will solve actual problems arising at any industrial production site. responsible for industrial sewing machines and machine tools, this company works to offer the best possible solutions to customers by meeting their various demands. taking advantage of our high-precision processing technology, our machine tools are designed with focus on certain target markets. brother's cnc tapping center, specializing in cutting parts for automobiles and office equipment, realizes productivity comparable to conventional large machines despite its compact size. our wire electrical discharge machine is suited to large item small volume production, processing a wide range of materials from small precision components to metal molds. newly included in our machine tools lineup is the pwb drilling machine, capable of highly accurate and minute drilling of high-density, small printed wiring boards. our customers are experienced production professionals. we strive to refine our expertise day by day so that we can provide them with solutions that meet and exceed their expectations

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