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    12" Wide Continuous Through-Feed System - Handles Random Length Min. 12" to Any Length
    Designed to produce end match tongue & groove on hardwood flooring and paneling
    Also can be used for Finger Joint Cutting – if desired
    Can handle random lengths from 11” to an unlimited length
    Powered 10’ roller infeed conveyor and 8’ gravity outfeed conveyor (other lengths and options available to suit your requirement)
    The throughfeed design allows for the tongue and groove to be cut simultaneously
    Counter rotating cutterheads and anti-tear out blocks ensure a superior finish
    Carbide insert cutterhead set included
    Easy to use touch screen control will also keep track of the total linear feet run as well as keep a piece count.
    Complete Safety and Noise Reduction Enclosure
    All Controls easily accessed from front of machine
    Variable speed through feed systems is controlled by frequency inverter
    Carbide Insert Type T & G Cutterheads – included Std – 1 set (extras optional)

    Model Broşür (1.59 MB)

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