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    Specially designed auxillary powered outfeed roller assures maximum smoothness of workpiece outfeed especially when working on extra thick, heavy and moist wood
    Massive cast iron base provides incredible absorption characteristics for high quality deep cutting operations
    Precision chain and rails (dip chain) system facilitates straight line cutting
    Equipped with a blade mist cooling device providing cooling and cleaning for sawblades during cutting increasing blade life and improved cut quality
    Powerful blade drive motor for heavy duty cutting operations
    Motorized saw arbor and thickness adjustment for operator convenience
    An auxillary powered outfeed roller is provided to ensure the workpiece feeds smoothly through and out of the machine
    A digitally controlled lubrication unit to provide consistent oil protection to the feed chain and guide rails. If the oil level drops below a safe level a warning lamp will light up and the feed chain will stop automatically
    Equipped with an electronic amperage display which is tied in to an overload protection where if the saw motor exceeds a rated amperage the feed chain slows down automatically
    Variable feed speed adjustment by frequency inverter from the front of the machine

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