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    A product of Carlyle’s leadership in advanced compressor design, the 05G compressor provides superior performance and exceptional reliability.

    Engineered to withstand punishing conditions, the 05G features time-proven, heavy duty construction. And its exclusive 2/4-cylinder design ensures exceptionally smooth, balanced operation.

    Suitable for air conditioning or refrigeration applications, belt drive or direct drive, purchase the bare compressor and build up your own system, or let Carrier build a complete system for you.

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    Carlyle Compressor Company

    For over 75 years, Carlyle has led the development of compressors. We have applied our technological capabilities to bring you compressors that use alternative, environmentally safe refrigerants, while still meeting your need for reliable, efficient operation. We're committed to providing you with the most that a compressor can possibly give you - high efficiency, low operating costs, optional capacity control systems, and Carlyle's world-famous reliability.

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