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    16 CFM Diesel

    Basic Compressor Features
    n Heavy Duty two stage solid
    cast iron pump
    n Disk and spring valves
    n Bearings on both ends of
    the crank shaft
    n Centrifugal unloader
    n Needle bearings, and inserts on rods
    n Industrial grade diesel engine
    n ASME tested powder coated steel tank
    n 2 grove B width drive pulley
    n Access to compressor valves without
    compressor head removal
    n Pilot valve continuous operation
    n Fully enclosed belt guard
    n Full saddle mounting feet
    n Alternator on drive engine
    n Torrington needle bearings
    n Swedish steel valves
    n Critical controls protected by
    compressor base plate
    n Drive engine on left side
    for easy start up
    n Heavy duty air filter

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    Compressed Air Systems, LLC

    We manufacture many of our own parts, use only the best components and assemble every unit by hand to ensure you get the best product on the market. Easy to own, simple to operate and manintain, our products offer the best value and highest quality on the market.

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