CENTORR 6-1650-15T

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    Metrik Özellikleri dönüştürme
    Azami Sıcaklık
  • Ürüne Genel Bakış

    1650°C (3000°F) temperature, 10-5 vacuum or special atmosphere, up to 15 tons (30,000 lbs.) of compacting force.
    Replaceable, interchangeable platens.
    General purpose high temperature heating facility suitable for heat treating furnished parts after bonding.
    The Vacuum Industries Diffusion Bonding Hot Press is a packaged system able to press up to 6" diameter work-pieces to 15 tons force at temperatures to 1650°C in high vacuum or controlled atmosphere.

    Assemblies which must be joined by simultaneous application of high temperature, high unit area squeeze and hard vacuums or inert atmosphere may be processed. While designed primarily for pressure-diffusion bonding work the system may be used as a general purpose high temperature facility by removing the press platens and retracting the rams. A double acting ram, stationary ram platens and cold wall furnace are contained in the horizontal stainless steel chamber. The external press frame supports the chamber, vacuum pumping system and controls. A saturable core reactor controlled power supply provides low voltage power through water cooled bus to solid copper heating element electrodes. An air-powered hydraulic system provides precisely controlled forces of high stability to insure uniform pressing over extended periods.

  • Şirket hakkında
    Centorr Vacuum Industries

    Centorr/Vacuum Industries' manufacturing facilities have been repeatedly expanded and now include a group of integrated shops staffed and equipped for machining, metal forming, fabricating, electro-mechanical assembling, and operational testing of complete furnace and related processing systems. Centorr/Vacuum Industries' Applied Technology Center is staffed with a graduate ceramic engineer and technician. The lab is equipped with five high-temperature furnaces, and various metallographic support equipment to permit analysis and evaluation of a client's process requirements.

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