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    The CENTORR Series 19 High Temperature, High Vacuum or Controlled Atmosphere, Cold Wall, Refractory Metal Heat Zone Furnaces are extremely convenient to operate. The heat zone housing is raised hydraulically as a unit on a dovetail slide thus exposing the stationary work support hearth for loading or unloading. This furnace is particularly well suited to applications which require maintenance of precise positioning or assembly of the work during firing.

    A furnace system typically consists of the basic furnace chamber assembly, the high vacuum system or evacuation system, the process gas system, the power supply, the temperature control instrumentation, and the furnace mounting system.

    The unit is ready to operate as soon as power is connected to the main circuit breaker, process gas is supplied, and water inlet and drain connections are made.

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    Centorr Vacuum Industries

    Centorr/Vacuum Industries' manufacturing facilities have been repeatedly expanded and now include a group of integrated shops staffed and equipped for machining, metal forming, fabricating, electro-mechanical assembling, and operational testing of complete furnace and related processing systems. Centorr/Vacuum Industries' Applied Technology Center is staffed with a graduate ceramic engineer and technician. The lab is equipped with five high-temperature furnaces, and various metallographic support equipment to permit analysis and evaluation of a client's process requirements.

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