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    Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHX)
    Chart offers customized ACHX solutions for the most demanding requirements in the natural gas compression and petrochemical processing markets.

    Chart Cooler Service Company offers a complete range of forced and induced draft air cooled heat exchangers ( or air coolers) and both horizontal and vertical configurations. Applications include process plants and refineries, gas compression and condensing , engine cooling, power generation and utilities. We also have an Aftermarket Division that is second to none for remanufacturing, spares, repairs and servicing for all industrial air coolers.

    As a leading heat exchanger manufacturer, Chart uses proprietary thermal-design software combined with a 3rd party simulation package to deliver a comprehensive quotation package, including technical data sheets and drawings. Once in production parametric 3D modelling software is integrated with component manufacture for maximum accuracy and minimum lead time.

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