• Spec
    Metrik Özellikleri dönüştürme
    13.2 hp
    RPM (Dönüş Sayısı/Dakika)
    5,789 RPM
  • Ürüne Genel Bakış

    Widely recognized for design efficiency and integrity, Chicago's Design 51 airfoil wheel has ideal characteristics for variable air volume systems. The fan's deep spun inlet and hyperbolic wheel cone plus generous housing proportions provide a smooth stable air flow over the entire performance range. Precision balancing assures quieter vibration-free operation that adds to the overall reliability and performance of Chicago's Design 51 airfoil fans.

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  • Şirket hakkında

    Chicago Blower Corporation has been designing and manufacturing pre-engineered and heavy duty fans and blowers for over 65 years. Our privately held company was founded in February 1947 and has been growing ever since. What began with only four employees in a small Chicago factory grew into our vast Glendale Heights plant that is the center of CBC’s operations. Where engineering, fabrication, testing, inside sales, accounting, purchasing, and marketing all work together to maintain our reputation for exceptional performance and reliability.

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