• Spec
    Metrik Özellikleri dönüştürme
    X-Eksen Hareketi
    23.62 "
    Y-Eksen Hareketi
    15.75 "
    Z-Eksen Hareketi
    11.81 "
    Daldırma (Evet/Hayır)
    3595 (KGS)
  • Şirket hakkında
    Chmer EDM

    Founded in 1975, CHMER EDM has been based on the concepts of "Integrity; Growth; Customer Satisfaction; Employee Security" We have dedicated ourselves to advancing the technology and the quality of the EDM industry in Taiwan and worldwide EDM market. With almost 3 decades of EDM development and manufacturing experience, CHMER and our affiliated companies are continuously striving to design and produce the finest quality EDM products. Through our in-house R&D department, we have developed our highly reliable and user friendly CNC controller and state-of-the art EDM power supplies. Through our in-house software department, we have developed EDM specific software to optimize the cutting performance between the power supply and controller plus provide user specific software for special applications.

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