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Model:EPSILON 200/100
Tip:Oyma Makinaları
fiyat:İletişim Satış Temsilcisi


Tabla Ölçüsü:39.37 "
Tabla Ölçüsü:78.74 "

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A large table at an incredible price?
With a range of accessories to satisfy any need?
Its name is Epsilon.
Perfect for large machining of plastics and metals, it is extremely versatile: including options like a suction top and automatic tool exchanger, to use up to 9 different tools on the same job with no operator intervention required.
The readily available solution.



Leading Company in the field of professional engraving, Cielle has been present in the sector for more than 35 years, a long period marked with success and technological innovations. Founded in 1978 by Luigino De Lazzari, the company specialises in the sport sector by producing pantographs for nameplate engraving. In the following years Cielle widens its offer and extends its production lines to machines for large format engraving: Cielle starts the production of machines for advertising panels and large size signs. Thanks to the constant attention to market trends, technological evolution becomes the strenght of the Company: from the computerised pantographs to the engraving and laser marking machines, up to the development of a proprietary software, all solutions are studied in detail. The ongoing research of cutting-edge solutions allows Cielle to be known also abroad: in Europe with collaborations in France, Spain and Russia, but also in China and Brazil.


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