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    Form ends of straight or bent tube parts and
    bend ends of straight tubes.
    COILCO’S AUTOMATIC TUBE END FORMER produces from 1200 to 1400 units per hour of precise, burr-free, quality parts from tubing fed from a vibrating hopper containing your pre-cut lengths.

    Initial loading is accomplished by filling the hopper. Operation is then automatic until a change in part length, tube end shape or O.D. is required.

    The machine is supplied with tooling to handle one size O.D. tube and three different length pusher mandrels. The pusher ram has 1" of length adjustment, thus changing pusher mandrels covers any length range. Tooling consists of clamp blocks and a forming mandrel. A wide variety of tube end configurations may be produced.

    Saddle, Saddle Bead, Close Bead, Bell

    Swage, Open Bead, Single Flare

    Bending and end forming in one operation.
    No burrs.
    1200 to 1400 parts per hour.
    Large capacity hopper holds up to 2,000 pre-cut tubes.
    Handles steel, copper and aluminum tubes from 5/16" through 1/2" O.D.
    Produces shaped tube ends and tubes up through 3" long.
    Precision made tooling to insure close tolerance parts.
    Interchangeable mandrels for varying tube diameters.
    Produces tube bends up to 90° using special clamp blocks.
    Counter stops machine cycle when selected number of parts are complete.
    Tooling change takes about 15 minutes, O.D. change about 45 minutes.

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    For over 40 years COILCO has been a manufacturer and worldwide supplier of patented special machines and tooling primarily for condenser and evaporator coil production. We also have many related tools helpful in other fields as well.

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