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    The ultimate technological development in sink linishing units.
    While maintaining the same operational flexibility as the CNC working units, the CNC-RAD linishing unit or CNC-REC . They can operate with single or double units, equipped with:
    - Pneumatic, software-operated working pressure control;
    - Automatic wheel centering, to define the smoothing angle;
    - Possibility to add another rotating axle to the CNC-REC, in order to tilt the linishing unit.
    These special units may operate on their own or combined with a working bench or to a rotary table.
    The gripper spindle can be steady or moved by one or two controlled axles, which are interposable with the linishing unit’s axles.
    Possibility to add a scotch-brite mop on the contact wheel’s supporting arm.
    Possibility to linish tanks with and internal radiant angle? (angolo interno raggiato) ranging from 8 to 10 millimeters thanks to a special belt-tensioning equipment.

    - Possibility to linish tanks/tubs with a radiant angle over 20 millimeters;
    - Possibility to linish tanks/tubs with a 90 degrees angle;
    - Possibility to linish the inner surface of tanks/tubs with a 8 to 10 millimetres radiant angle; High production rate thanks to the Rotary Table and the hidden loading/offloading times;
    - CNC unit’s great flexibility, allowing to linish any kind of sink – even complex-shaped ones;
    - Possibility to interpolate the working and piece-holding units’ axes;
    - Fast and certified machine set-up, hence immediate production change;
    - Programming easiness with self-learning system, with no need to learn any machine-programming language;
    - Working unit sizing variable according to the client’s needs.

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    COSMAP produces automatic machines for cleaning metals (cleaning machines). Essentially composed of rotary tables or rotary tables continuous shots are equipped with CNC cleaning unit or cleaning units with self-positioning. Within this section you will find described: cleaning and polishing machines (taps, pots, handles, bathroom items, furniture)

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