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Model:TR + CPDO
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This solution combines the rotary table’s characteristics with the possibility to add polishing units equipped with two mops. The mops can perform straight and oscillating movements controlled by two controlled axes, with programmable speed and motion. The fixtures are mounted on this table, and possess features that allow the complete polishing of each piece
Therefore this specific kind of table is particularly suited to brush and polish round pipes, whether straight or bent, often used for taps, kitchen pipes, or similar applications.
- High production rates thanks to the Rotary Table and hidden loading/offloading times;
- Fast and highly efficient processing cycle thanks to the simultaneous use of two opposing mops;
- Fast and easy production change thanks to the auto-positioning;
- Production change is even faster, thanks to the reduced number of piece holders/carriers;
- Programming easiness with self-learning system, with no need to learn any machine-programming language;
- CNC unit sizing variable according to the client’s needs.



COSMAP produces automatic machines for cleaning metals (cleaning machines). Essentially composed of rotary tables or rotary tables continuous shots are equipped with CNC cleaning unit or cleaning units with self-positioning. Within this section you will find described: cleaning and polishing machines (taps, pots, handles, bathroom items, furniture)


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