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    The MICRA coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is naturally predisposed for quality inspection of small high-precision parts. It unites high accuracy and exact single-point inspection with accurate scanning of surfaces and profiles. The miniaturized HP-S-X1C high-tech scanning probe system provides MICRA 's foundation. With this high-accuracy 3D probing system, the MICRA provides both single-point inspection and surface scanning as standard features.

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    Hexagon Metrology Nordic AB

    hexagon metrology nordic ab (hmn) is a part of hexagon measurement technologies. with four measuring centers in sweden (eskilstuna, göteborg, trollhättan och stockholm) and a network of seven agents/distributors in the nordic countries, is hmn by far the strongest and biggest supplier of measurement services. we market co-ordinate measuring machines, portable measuring arms, portable 3d metrology products and hand gauges. hmn also runs service, calibration, training, applications and production-measuring systems into line with customer needs within the nordic countries. we marketing among others following brands: ce johansson, dea, cognitens, leitz, leica geosystems, romer, sheffield, tesa and pc-dmis.

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