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    The Delta Design Burn-In System utilizes a versatile circuit board approach which allows the mounting of any combination of device sockets. An internal load rack design accommodates a density of greater than one device per cubic inch of chamber space (for 14-pin DIP devices), mounted in a usable space of 7" x 10" per board. The environmental chamber provides flexible rear wall seals which allow the circuit board connectors of the device under test to be outside the high temperature environment.

    Model 9145 Burn-in System is composed of: Temperature Chamber with Controller; Cart; Power Control Module; Chamber Door; Internal Rack for PC boards; 6-Pin PC Connector for each board position with three wires from each connected to a bus bar. The cart assembly provides standard rack mounting space for instruments and power supplies.

    Operating temperature range is + 40°C to + 315°C and - 73°C to + 315°C using optional CO2 or LN2 coolant. The chamber design provides temperature gradients of ±3°C up to + 150°C.

    Additional Features:

    Adjustable Mechanical Over-Temperature Protection Device
    Loss of Airflow Device
    Ambient Air Venting
    Power Control Module with Automatic Shutdown
    Mounting Space for Power Supplies and Instruments

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    Cohu, Inc.

    Cohu Semiconductor Equipment Group (SEG), is comprised of three business units, Delta Design, Rasco and Ismeca. Delta Design pioneered pick-and-place handler technology in the 1980s. The company rapidly grew to become the industry leader by the early 1990s when it established a direct sales and service center in Singapore. In early 2000, Delta Design developed the first solution for actively controlling temperature during test of power dissipative ICs, thus solving a critical yield problem when testing high-end microprocessors.

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