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    Scalable Platform

    Test Site Parallelism: x1 or x2
    Active Thermal Control (ATC) range -10°C to +125°C ; -45°C to +150°C (optional)
    Passive Thermal Control (PTC) range -10°C to +110°C; -55°C to +125°C (optional)
    Hybrid Solution (PTC-HP)
    Vision Alignment (patented)
    Package Interface: Liquid dispensing available (patented)
    5 automated bins (13" stack) standard; 7 optional

    Model Broşür (5.39 MB)

  • Şirket hakkında
    Cohu, Inc.

    Cohu Semiconductor Equipment Group (SEG), is comprised of three business units, Delta Design, Rasco and Ismeca. Delta Design pioneered pick-and-place handler technology in the 1980s. The company rapidly grew to become the industry leader by the early 1990s when it established a direct sales and service center in Singapore. In early 2000, Delta Design developed the first solution for actively controlling temperature during test of power dissipative ICs, thus solving a critical yield problem when testing high-end microprocessors.

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