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    NO. 3550 Ammoniacal Nitrogen Tester
    Determines ammoniacal nitrogen in molding materials and system sands. Recent evidence has identified nitrogen in the form of ammonia as a primary source of readily available nitrogen associated with nitrogen fissures and pinholes. Ammoniacal nitrogen accumulates in the molding sand when core binders and other organic materials break down. Careful monitoring of the level of ammoniacal nitrogen is recommended as an important part of a control program where nitrogen may be a problem.
    The unit was designed to be affordable by even the smallest foundry laboratories, and it can be operated by technicians with no special training or background. Operation is straightforward; no electronic calibrations are needed. Operation involves a simple air-distillation and titration procedure which does not require a sulfuric acid digestion prior to testing.

    Comes complete with self-zeroing burets, magnetic stir plate, graduated cylinder, safety goggles and a 3-channel traceable timer.

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    Dietert Foundry Testing Equipment, Inc.

    The Dietert Company founded by Harry W. Dietert in 1922 is now part of DIETERT Foundry Testing Equipment Inc. Throughout the years, Dietert Laboratory instruments have been used worldwide in controlling sand quality for the production of high quality castings. Dietert moisture testing, analytical and mechanical test equipment have set the control standards for a wide range of industries and products.

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