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    NO. 682 Gas Pressure Tester
    This is an important instrument for studying and measuring the volume and rate of gas evolution from cores, pastes, washes, molding sands, and other foundry materials.
    The unit includes a fused quartz tube, one end of which extends into a furnace heated with silicon carbide heating elements. Through the use of specialized heating tapes, all interior surfaces are held above 250°F (121°C) so measurement includes the water vapor evolved. A separate control cabinet houses the pyrometer, ammeter, and the other temperature and electrical controls. Also, a strip chart recorder is furnished for making a permanent record of test data. The unit requires nitrogen or other inert gas supply.

    Only one operator is required and there are no leveling bottles that would require continuous attention. The unit features a dead-weight relief valve designed to prevent an overload on the pressure transducer. Operates with a heating range up to 2350°F. (1288°C).

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    Dietert Foundry Testing Equipment, Inc.

    The Dietert Company founded by Harry W. Dietert in 1922 is now part of DIETERT Foundry Testing Equipment Inc. Throughout the years, Dietert Laboratory instruments have been used worldwide in controlling sand quality for the production of high quality castings. Dietert moisture testing, analytical and mechanical test equipment have set the control standards for a wide range of industries and products.

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