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    48 Series Indexing Timing Belts Specifications


    Belt Widths: 25mm (1”), 50mm (2”), 75mm (3”), 100mm (4”)
    Bolt on Fixtures or Molded Fixtures
    Lengths: 406mm — 9144mm (16” - 30ft)
    Speeds: Up to 400 FPM
    Loads Up to 800 lbs
    Standard Pitch 10mm, 12.7mm (1/2”) Available
    Typical Motor Types
    Motor with Brake
    Stepper Motor
    Servo w Encoder
    (Consult Factory for Accuracy)
    See Belting for Attachments and Profiles
    Sealed Bearings
    Metric Fasteners
    Variable or Fixed Speed
    Optional Multiple Lane Single Drive

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