• Spec
    Metrik Özellikleri dönüştürme
    Akış Oranı
    8,600 ft³/min.
    15 hp
    121" x 68.5" x 61"
  • Ürüne Genel Bakış

    This multi-operator, DD 5x10 is the largest standard downdraft table in Diversitech’s product line, designed for very large work pieces or to provide a solution for multiple operator workstations. The 15HP motor develops 8600 CFM producing enough suction to handle even the toughest applications.

    The 5’ X 10’ Downdraft Table can be reinforced for heavy parts by adding steel structural supports inside the table. Different surface mattings are available to prevent parts from getting damaged, including blue rubber grid mats, black PVC tile mats and fiberglass gratings. 

  • Şirket hakkında

    A technology leader in the Air Filtration & Dust Collection industry, we deliver reliable products manufactured to perform correctly in your application. When designing Fume & Dust Control products, our first priority is worker safety. Keeping unbreathables away from the operator’s repository zone requires capture-at-source equipment that is easy-to-use, easier-to-service, and is powerful enough to return truly clean air. Diversitech manufactures a line of downdraft tables, fume extractors, wet dust collectors, extraction arms and filter cleaning machines.

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