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    Electro-Mechano manufactures precision tachometer systems, precision drilling machines, milling machines, air/hydraulic cylinders, speed controlled functional horsepower electric motors, electric foot switches, tachometer generators, electrical test and measuring instruments all within it's three different divisions of Electro-Mechano, EM Instruments, and Lee Engineering. EM Instruments also distributes, customizes and services electrical test, measurement and control instruments for 35 major manufacturers including Newport, AEMC, Yokogawa, Triplett, Simpson, Fluke, Wavetek, LFE, and Amprobe. The company was founded in 1964 and has it's office, calibration center and warehouse in Milwaukee. The staff is comprised of experienced digital and analog technicians as well as a large number of support personnel. Facilities to test, repair and calibrate meter are maintained and include meter scale design and printing. Calibration equipment for meter certification is traceable to the National Bureau of Standards.

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