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    Model mm (in) EV-H80
    Center height 1000 (39”)
    Swing over bed 2000 (78”)
    Swing over cross slide 1630 (64”)
    Swing over gap 2550(100”)
    Width of gap 600 (23”)
    (No gap if Distance between centers is longer than 5m)
    Width of bed 800 (32”)
    Distance between centers 2000~14000 (80~560”) In one piece
    Spindle bore Ø230 (9”), Ø260 (10”), Ø310 (12”),
    Ø360 (14”), Ø535 (21”)
    Spindle nose A2-15, A2-15, A2-20, A2-20, A2-28
    Spindle speeds (12 Steps) 6-400, 6-400, 5-300, 5-300, 3-230
    Tailstock quill diameter Ø200(8”) (Std.) or Ø290(11”) Rotary Quill(Opt.)
    Taper of center MT#7
    Quill travel 300 (12”)
    Cross feeds 0.065-0.96 (48 Kinds)
    Cross travel 780 (30”)
    Compound rest travel 350 (13”)
    Tool size 40 x 40 (1-1/2” x 1-1/2”)
    Longitudinal feeds 0.13-1.92 (48 Kinds)
    Lead screw diameter Ø50 (2”)
    Lead screw pitch 2TPI (inch) or 12mm (metric)
    Threading range, metric 2-30 mm/Pitch (48 Kinds)
    Threading range, inch 1-15 TPI (48 Kinds)
    Module pitch threads 1-15M (32 Kinds)
    DP. pitch threads 2-30P (48 Kinds)
    Main spindle motor 30 HP (Std.), 40HP (Opt.) or 50HP (Opt.)
    Rapid motor 1 HP
    Coolant pump 1/4 HP
    Oil pump 12W

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    Everturn Lathe Inc.

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