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    EZ- 6P · ½" To 6" "Powerdrive" PVC Pipe Bender with ARS-46 Adjustable Roller Stand

    6300 WATTS, 230 V AC,28 Amp

    Offering all the features of the EZ-6, the EZ-6P provides the "Powerdrive" advantage over the manually operated EZ-6. The motor-driven "Powerdrive" rollers free the operator from having to spend time manually turning the PVC pipe. When a long piece of pipe is projecting stick out of the unit. The (adjustable roller stand) (ARS-46 which is included with all our "Powerdrive" units) will support the pipe and acts like an additional set of hands.

    Don't forget the complete Bending Plug Kit. PK-26, or large Bending Plug Kit, Model No. PK-46, for faster, code compliant bends. Conduit pipe size 2" and larger, have a tendency to flatten or kink during the forming process and using bending plugs is strongly recommended, to help avoid this problem, while quickly forming your bends or offsets.

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    Bradshaw Mfg., Inc.

    manufacturer of tools to bend pvc plastic and metal

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