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    “Centreless” belt grinding machine for grinding, buffing and satin finishing of STRAIGHT parts with round section made of stainless steel, iron, aluminium, brass and other metals (Pic 1).
    ON REQUEST can be supplied with equipment for processing of short parts down to 20 mm. minimum length. This machine can also be used for deburring and beveling operations (Pic 2).
    Machine is supplied ready to work with following STANDARD EQUIPMENT: tilting board to hold the workpieces during deburring and beveling operations, motors voltage 400V/50Hz, n°2 abrasive belts in different grits, service keys, instructions book and CE conformity declaration.

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    Garboli SRL

    Since 20 years the Company GARBOLI, has been DEVELOPING and PRODUCING machines for GRINDING, SATINING, DEBURRING, BUFFING, POLISHING and FINISHING of METAL ITEMS, with applications in different branches as: bathrooms fittings, automotive, plants engineering, metal constructions and many other sectors. Particular attention is given to customers needs: machines can be customized and manufactured in accordance to the specific requirements and investment possibilities QUALITY is the most important and indispensable feature which our Company looks at; QUALITY not only of materials used, but also of the adopted manufacturing processes. Customers are guaranteed against defects or vices on the machines: before shipment, every machine is submitted to many tests and working trials to check the correct functioning. The COMMERCIAL NETWORK, acquired during these years also thanks to our presence to many international and world fairs, allowed our technology to be spread and successfully used in all industrialized Countries of the World.

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