IMAC FA 200/4

  • Spec
    Metrik Özellikleri dönüştürme
    İş parçası Max Kalınlığı
    0.1575 "
    370 Kg
  • Ürüne Genel Bakış

    Esenti da lubrificazione rendono la manutenzione quasi inesistente e sono dotate di:
    - Tavolo di lavoro rigido e spazioso con aste millimetriche in ottone incise a triplice funzione per la misurazione delle varie tranciature.
    - Squadri dotati di fori di riferimento ogni 15°.
    - Autoregolazione gioco lame (un optional nel modello FA200/4).
    - Battuta interna per trasformare la tranciatrice in una piccola cesoia ed ottenere bandelle con lunghezza massima di 200 mm.
    - Cassetta raccolta sfridi.

    Built in lifetime lubrication, they do not need further maintenance requirements and they are equipped with:
    - A large and rigid working table with directional triple function engraved brass scales for measuring the various types of notches.
    - Squaring guides equipped with reference holes every 15°.
    - Automatic blade gap adjustment (it’s an optional in the FA200/4 model).
    - An internal stroke to turn the notching machine into a small shearing machine to get straps with a maximum length of 200 mm.
    - Swarft collecting box.

  • Şirket hakkında

    Imac srl was born as a small artisan company exclusively dedicated to the working of mechanical parts of high precision. After some years, during which it improved its experience in the mechanical field, Imac srl in 1982 started to manufacture Notching and Bevelling machines for metal sheet working and in 1996 launched the first manual punching machine on the market. In 1998 the company provided the manual punching machine with the first improvements: a six tools multitool and a CNC.

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