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    Inductotherm Lift-Swing Furnaces are free-standing units that install right on the foundry floor. They are an excellent alternative to our Push-Out Furnaces when sub-surface conditions or foundation restrictions make it impractical to provide a pit that is required for the Push-Out Furnace’s cylinders.

    Lift-Swing Furnaces offer nonferrous and precious metal casters an easily installed, highly productive crucible melting system. When the charge in the first crucible is melted and ready to be poured, the induction coil assembly is raised, swung to the second crucible and lowered to start the new melt as the first crucible is removed for pouring. For easy, accurate transfer, machined slots guide coil assembly movement to the exact position. A rugged aluminum shell protects the coil while a specially designed base contains spills. Coil movement is controlled by a foot valve operating a cylinder within the support post. Either plant air or hydraulic operation is available.

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    Inductoheat is leading the world in induction heating technologies. Our focus is to lead the market in quality induction heating and heat treating equipment by providing flexible and innovative systems for long-life performance. Our innovation in induction power supply design more than 40 years ago is the foundation for the development of new breakthrough technology today. New products for heat treating, annealing, shrink fitting, bar/billet heating incorporate modular design with patent pending or patented technology. With the evolution of proven products, Inductoheat will continue to bring the best technology to our customers worldwide.