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    Push-Out Furnaces are one option in removable crucible furnaces and have a variety of configurations. They provide nonferrous and precious metal casters with clean, compact and highly productive crucible melting systems. When designed to have multiple crucible openings your production can be increased drastically with a near 100 percent power utilization.

    Push-Out Furnaces are available in a Double Push-out Furnace configuration. With this configuration, when the first crucible is molten and ready for pouring, power is transferred to the second coil and the first crucible is then raised for removal. Because power is transferred in just seconds by means of a safety-interlocked, two-position switch, throughput is increased and thousands of additional castings per year can be obtained. Hydraulic cylinders raise crucibles using minimal pressure. Their refractory overflow receptacles are designed to contain spills for added safety and ease of maintenance. Coils are lined with a heavy refractory cement to guard against spillage and to reduce heat losses.

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    Inductotherm Group

    Inductoheat is leading the world in induction heating technologies. Our focus is to lead the market in quality induction heating and heat treating equipment by providing flexible and innovative systems for long-life performance. Our innovation in induction power supply design more than 40 years ago is the foundation for the development of new breakthrough technology today. New products for heat treating, annealing, shrink fitting, bar/billet heating incorporate modular design with patent pending or patented technology. With the evolution of proven products, Inductoheat will continue to bring the best technology to our customers worldwide.

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