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    Inductotherm Rollover Furnaces are ideal for close control of pouring and metal quality to produce high-end investment castings. Charge size can be accurately controlled and molds filled completely due to the added force obtained during rollover.

    Rollover Furnaces consist of an induction furnace on a rotating frame. When the pre-weighed charge is fully molten, a heated mold is clamped over the furnace and the entire assembly is rolled over, filling the mold which is then upright. There is reduced incidence of refractory inclusions because the metal transfers directly into the mold with minimum refractory contact. The entire melt and pour cycle can be accomplished under inert atmosphere conditions for enhanced metal quality. The rollover mechanism accommodates a variety of furnace sizes. These compact solid state units provide fast, “hands off” operation at maximum efficiency. The furnaces are constructed to give maximum protection to the induction coil and to provide a furnace top and body high mechanical strength to withstand mold clamping stress.

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    Inductoheat is leading the world in induction heating technologies. Our focus is to lead the market in quality induction heating and heat treating equipment by providing flexible and innovative systems for long-life performance. Our innovation in induction power supply design more than 40 years ago is the foundation for the development of new breakthrough technology today. New products for heat treating, annealing, shrink fitting, bar/billet heating incorporate modular design with patent pending or patented technology. With the evolution of proven products, Inductoheat will continue to bring the best technology to our customers worldwide.