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Model:MDR 205 CF
Tip:Yatay Tablo Türü Açma Mills


Mil Ölçüsü:8.071 "
Tablo X-Yatay Tvl:98.43 "
Başkanı Y-Vert Tvl:98.43 "
Güç:43.5 hp
Tablo-W:66.93 "
Tablo-L:60.04 "
Juaristi Boring & Milling Machines, S.L.

Hakkında Juaristi Boring & Milling Machines, S.L.

JUARISTI has been designing and manufacturing machine tools since it began in 1941. In the heart of the Basque country, in northern Spain, it boasts magnificient installations for developing boring, milling and high precision machining centres. Innovation and internationalisation are determining factors in the company's development. JUARISTI sells in almost all countries in the world through a wide network of its own branches and distributors, with 85% of turnover going for export. Quality, service commitment and delivery of taylor-made solutions to customer's requests are the key factors that have allowed JUARISTI to reach the present level of development as well as customers satisfaction level. Research that gets results in the development of new machines, together with collaboration from our customers, means that market share has increased sharply consolidated by a wide range of high-precision boring and milling centres. Experience and being aware of market trends, backed up by a flexible organisation, have resulted in the development of four new series with three guide systems, all fully automatic.


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