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    The Reference Xi series continues the Leitz hallmark of high accuracy scanning performance. It also offers an unparalleled flexibility of probe head choices: from the LSP-X1 coupled with the TESASTAR-m continuous wrist, to the LSP-X3c fixed measurement head, up to the LSP-X5, for use with extra-long stylus extensions or heavy styli clusters. The Leitz Reference Xi is also available with the Option XT (eXTended temperature range). With this option the CMM can be integrated in production easily.

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    Hexagon Metrology Nordic AB

    hexagon metrology nordic ab (hmn) is a part of hexagon measurement technologies. with four measuring centers in sweden (eskilstuna, göteborg, trollhättan och stockholm) and a network of seven agents/distributors in the nordic countries, is hmn by far the strongest and biggest supplier of measurement services. we market co-ordinate measuring machines, portable measuring arms, portable 3d metrology products and hand gauges. hmn also runs service, calibration, training, applications and production-measuring systems into line with customer needs within the nordic countries. we marketing among others following brands: ce johansson, dea, cognitens, leitz, leica geosystems, romer, sheffield, tesa and pc-dmis.

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