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    496.039 T
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    Description KM 450-CX
    International size rating 2100
    Screw diametr 55 65 75 mm
    Shot L:D ratio 20 20 20 L/D
    Shot volume 772 1078 1436 cm³
    Shot weight(PS) 703 981 1307 g
    24.8 34.6 46.1 oz
    Injection pressure 2770 1983 1490 Bar
    Injection rate 309 431 574 cm³/s
    Plasticizing capacity(PS) 39.3 60.7 89.3 g/s
    Injection steoke 325 mm
    Injection speed 144 mm/s
    Maximum speed of screw 214 r/min
    Clamping System
    Clamping Force 4500 kN
    Inside space of the pull-rod 810*810 mm
    Plate shape 1200*1200 mm
    Clamping sroke 790 mm
    Minimum mold thickness 360 mm
    Maximum mold thickness 1000 mm
    Maximum plate thickness 1790 mm
    Ejection stroke 230 mm
    Ejection firce 121 kN
    Mumber of ejectors 17
    Power/Electric Heating
    Total power supply 87/125 kVA
    Power of oil pump motor 56 kW
    Dry cycle time 2.8-500 s-mm
    Tank volume 900 L
    Dimensions 9*2.25*2.3 m*m*m
    Weighe of machine 21 t
    Hopper volume 100 kg
    Cooling water flow 240 L/min

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    Since the establishment of the company in 2007, we always adhere to the "people-oriented" management concept, focusing on building human resources and technology development.Currently, the company has dozens of R & D personnel and senior technicians, strong independent research and development capabilities and stringent quality control system make the LOG brand injection molding machine featuring energy-saving ,speediness, stability and high-efficiency. By virture of high-quality, high cost-effective competitive advantage, we have set up marketing divisions in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta,wining a high degree of customer recognition. At present, the company has LOGM6, LOGS6, LOGA8, LOGS8,KM-CP,KM-CX and AD-S seven main series, Three brand, covering the clamping force30T-4000T, especially the implementation of "tailor-made" concept meeting the special needs of different customers.

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