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CNC-controlled Plano milling machine with movable table and fix bridge.
due to its stability and weight It’s a tough and high precision milling machine.
Clearance between the columns allows big size work piece.
Milling carriage can be “ram” type or “slide” type and its section is chosen on the basis of machinings requirements. A wide range of milling spindle motors are available to satisfy customer’s power requests.
The table is able to bear heavy weight up to 6.500 kg./mt. as mould are.
Alternative to the vertical carriage it is possible chose an horizontal milling shaft for contemporary long pieces machinings (rails).
Axes position is carried out through optical scales Table movement is carried out by double pignon with anti backlash system.
Maximum height suggested for piece machining can reach 3.000mm therefore this plano milling machine is suitable for 5 faces middle sized machinings.
The multiple choice of milling heads allows 7 axes machinings.


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