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CNC controlled Plano milling machine with fix table and movable bridge. (Gantry)
Due to the stiffness and stability of the milling head it is a high precision machine tool.
The fix traverse and the clearance between the columns allows middle size machinings.
Milling head can be “ram” type or “slide” type and has a section that changes on the basis of the machining to be carried out giving the right stiffness necessary to machine the work piece.
Stolle tables can bear heavy weight approximately 10.000 kg./sqmt.
Bridge movement is carried out by racks and double pignon with anti backlash system.
Axes positioning is carried out through linear scales.
A wide choice of milling heads allows 5 axis machinings.
ATC (Automatic tool changer) up to 120 tool positions , of the heads (vertical, 90° heads, manual or automatic indexed heads, universal heads and boring bar) enlarge the range of possible machinings.
This machine tool finds application in several industrial fields: rail ways machinings, interlocked switch, moulds, but without any preclusion wherever strong cutting power is required.


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