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Tip:Dikey Mills
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CNC-controlled Plano milling machine with movable table and fix bridge.
Due to the stiffness and stability of the milling head it is a high precision machine tool.
On the fix cross rail is assembled the millennium head, a Mario Carnaghi Company patented system which allows milling spindle cartridge changing on the basis of machining and speeds required up to 36.000 r.p.m. Spindle cartridges and tools changing systems are housed inside the columns and under cover from dust and chips.
The flexibility of millennium head beside high speed machinings allows 5 axes machinings giving perfect and accurate work pieces output. Axes positioning is carried out through linear scales.
Table movement is carried out by double pignon with antibacklash system.
Maximun height suggested for piece machining can reach 2.000mm therefore this Plano milling machine is suitable for 5 faces middle sized machinings.
This machine is able to work on complex parts as propeller blades.


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