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    The first Vertical turning lathe was designed during an evolved phase of company's life with the huge advantage to exploit and offer the experience acquired during the production of other important machine tools in the past. At the beginning the sole turning version was flanked by the combined ram head for milling, drilling, grinding, boring, reaming and turning operations. The production covered a wide range of models: from the single column version, easier for size and design, TGF1, TGF5, TC10 and TG10, with 2 or 4 gears, fix cross railand7or movable, till the double column versions TG.20, TG.30, TG.40, TG.50, following for dimensions, power and torques the grooving requirements of the customers.

    The hydrostatic bearing of the table and axes, Executed with experience and precision, becomes almost a "must" for all the versions larger than 3 mt. of diameter. The possibility of machining outside of the table center line is later guaranteed by our VTL models "TGP". This machines allow a plurality of machining by means of a single setup of the workpiece, abating drastically the lost times for the placement and de-placement on different machines. Every model is customized tailor-made, according to the productive requirements of the end user by means of special accessories: tool changers, special attachments, special tools and tool holders (ISO, CAPTO, KM, HSK etc), of the fixtures, operator platforms, video monitoring system, and so forth.

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