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    Technical Data of Y28-200BL
    Nominal Pressure:200T
    Main cylinder Pressure(Adjustable):150T
    Bottom cylinder Pressure(Adjustable):50T
    Ejection cylinder Pressure:10T
    Slider Max.stroke(Adjustable):550mm
    Bottom cylinder stroke(Adjustable):280mm
    Ejection cylinder stroke :200mm
    Working Area Height:1128mm
    Open Height:950mm
    Slider Fast forward speed(Adjustable):150mm/s
    Slider Working speed(Adjustable):25mm/s
    Slider Return speed(Adjustable):180mm/s
    Effective area of Working table--L.R:700mm
    Effective area of Working table--F.B:900mm
    Hydraulic System Pressure:22Mpa
    Motor Power:22KW
    Overall dimension(L.R):1800mm
    Overall dimension(F.B):1600mm
    Overall dimension(Height):3700mm

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