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    Y28-BL Series
    Item Y28-350BL
    Nominal Pressure 350 Tonf
    Main Cylinder Pressure(Adjustable) 250 Tonf
    Bottom Cylinder Pressure(Adjustable) 100 Tonf
    Ejection Cylinder Pressure 15 Tonf
    The Max. Stroke of Working Slider(Adjustable) 600 mm
    The Max. Stroke of Bottom Cylinder(Adjustable) 300 mm
    The Max. Stroke of Ejection Cylinder 200 mm
    Height of Working Table 1200 mm
    Height of Opening 1120 mm
    Speeds of Working Slider
    Fast Forward(Adjustable) 150 mm/s
    Feeding(Adjustable) 25 mm/s
    Returning(Adjustable) 160 mm/s
    Effective Area of Working Table
    Left- Right 800 mm
    Front-Back 900 mm
    Hydraulic System Pressure 22 Mpa
    Motor Power 22 KW
    Machine Total Weight(Approx.) 12500 KG
    Overall Dimension
    Left- Right 1950 mm
    Front-Back 1450 mm
    Height 3800 mm

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