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Unique features
PC off- or on-line programming.
PO-WIN: powerful Windows based welding software. Files are converted into standard Word or Excel reports.
Paperless transfer and storage of weld procedures via PC.
Integrated weld controller with individual axis cards for all weld motions.
Unique synchronisation possibilities between weld current and weld motions.
Closed loop regulation of all weld motions: rotation, wire speed…
Programming by angular degrees in mm/min or inch/min.
Full function remote control with LCD screen, display of real values during welding.
Weld procedures are directly selected by the full function remote control.
Integrated closed loop water cooling system for Polysoude weld heads and torches.
Integrated safety valves for welding gas and torch cooling.
Auto-diagnostic system, indicating error code and explanation.

Accessories and options for particular needs
Real time acquisition and storage of welding procedures.
Multi-axis cards for the control of welding peripheral equipment, rotators, positioners, column & booms…
Programmable mass flow meter with flow safety valve for shielding and backing gas.
Adapter kits to use other than Polysoude weld heads.
Dual weld head switch box.
Manual tack welding kit including water-cooled TIG / GTAW torch.
Extension cable (15 m).
Gas hose.
Pressure regulator.

Hakkında Polysoude, S.A.S.

Polysoude has been creating solutions best adapted to the requirements of the industry since its foundation in the early 1960's. Mastering arc welding processes and their automation is our know-how. Polysoude uses the latest technologies for maximum quality and minimum defects: TIG/GTAW, Plasma, MIG-MAG/GMAW/FCAW, all position orbital welding and mechanised solutions.


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Astro Arc Polysoude, Inc.
24856 Avenue Rockefeller
Valencia, California 91355
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Polysoude, S.A.S.
ZI du Bois Briand
2 rue Paul Beaupère
Nantes 41606