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    The MG900, MG700 and MG600 together with the Syrocut and Posiweld systems have been developed for the eƒcient production of industrial and fencing mesh in small and large batch sizes. The systems are distinguished by high profitability, productivity and easy
    maintenance. A large selection of extra modules means they can be adapted to di‡erent requirements, while allowing a modular setup of the automation level.

    Model Broşür (3.52 MB)

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    Schlatter Industries AG

    Schlatter is one of the world leaders in plant engineering – specializing in the resistance welding technology and in weaving machines for specialized purposes. In order to ensure that our customers get the best solutions, we continuously work to improve our processes and invest in research and development. Many of our projects include developing innovative customized plants that meet the exact requirements of a particular customer.

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