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Model:KZM 6
Tip:Kenar Bantlayıcılar
fiyat:İletişim Satış Temsilcisi


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One-side edge banding machine right execution. Edge's support - up to ø 600 mm. Teflon glue tank under melting roller. Apply the glue by means of glue roller in a direction identical as the piece direction without need of adjusting towards material's thickness. Electronic regulation of the glue temperature. Automatic lowering the temperature of the glue at recess. A guillotine for preliminary cutting of thick PVC /ABS edges max. 3 x 45.
Squeezing area: three rollers – the big positive pressure; pressing with spring. Ending trim unit with two HF motors – 200Hz, 12000rpm. Circular blades Ø110 х Ø32, Z=30 teeth – 2 pieces. Unit for upper and lower milling with vertical and horizontal adjustment with two HF motors 200 Hz, 12000 rpm and milling heads ø 75mm, Z = 4; 15, R2 or R3 mm (option). Central manual adjustable upper squeezing. Transport system with chain. Pressing rollers with bearings. Supporting beam with rollers - immobile. PLC Control panel at the front side of the machine. Environment temperature: + 18° max + 35°C.

ZMM Stomana Jsc

Hakkında ZMM Stomana Jsc

zmm "stomana" is one of the bulgarian largest professional manufacturers and exporters of woodworking machines. we produce one-, two- and many operating machines, surface planer, thicknessing planer, drilling, circular saw, milling, grinding, aspirating system for collecting and suction of sawdust etc. all of our machines have a ce-certificate. our company has own foundry department where we produce aluminium and iron casting. we are proud to say that zmm stomana jsc is one of the most successful catalogs on the bulgarian market.


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