• Spec
    Metrik Özellikleri dönüştürme
    19.69 "
    39.37 "
    3 hp
    RPM (Dönüş Sayısı/Dakika)
    8000 rpm
  • Ürüne Genel Bakış

    Fixed cast-iron working table with grinded surface. Nontilting spindle. Support (pro-tector) for the tool for profiling with maximal diameter ø180 mm. Vertical and horizontal clamping device. Support safety guides with total length 700 mm and height 155 mm. Diameter of the opening in the working table ø190 mm. 4 speeds of rotation. Dust collection ports with diameter Ø 120 mm - under and over the working table. Elec-tronic brake for electrodynamic stopping. Mounted device for spindle blocking while replacement the tool. Electric blocking the start of the machine while replacement the tool through an electric limit switch. Electric blocking the start of the machine by the change of revolutions through an electric limit switch.

    Model Broşür (2.02 MB)

  • Şirket hakkında
    ZMM Stomana Jsc

    zmm "stomana" is one of the bulgarian largest professional manufacturers and exporters of woodworking machines. we produce one-, two- and many operating machines, surface planer, thicknessing planer, drilling, circular saw, milling, grinding, aspirating system for collecting and suction of sawdust etc. all of our machines have a ce-certificate. our company has own foundry department where we produce aluminium and iron casting. we are proud to say that zmm stomana jsc is one of the most successful catalogs on the bulgarian market.

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