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    This series of automatic oil filling machine, with piston-type filling, is a most welcomed liquid filling machine in our products; the humanized design makes it widely used for filling various oil and viscous liquids, paste & drinks, like oil filling, washing liquid filling, body-lotion filling, shampoo fillinf, engine oil filling, liquid detergent filling ect.

    1. Adopting plunger-style metering pump and pneumatic-control stainless steel valves to fill, suitable for filling various viscous liquids. (also we have flowmeter type filling, gravity type filling, weighing type filling for choice)
    2. Pneumatic-control injection pump is convenient to adjust filling dosage accurately, with high filling precision.
    3. Filling heads with anti-drip device and with function of back-sucking, ensuring no phenomena of the wiredrawing and driping and leakage.
    4. Linear bottle in & bottle out, suitable for various bottle specifications, & very easy to adjust & maintain.
    5. The whole machine is easy to clean and disinfect, convenient to change different specifications.
    6. PLC control system, frequency conversion, no filling without bottles, with high degree of automation.
    7. Made of stainless steel 304/316, delicate & durable.

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    TSP Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd

    Zhangjiagang TSP Packaging machinery is one of leading beverage packaging machinery supplier, the factory is located coastal China famous Yangzi River, belonging to economic developed Jiangsu province, it has only two hours driving to China's financial center Shanghai, also it is one of 'the Belt the Road' original place. TSP's main industrial ranges from mineral/pure water, 3/5 gallon barrel water, 5/10L water, carbonated drinks, fruits juice, tea drinks, can drinks, vegetable/edible oil, jam, alcohol, liquid etc. Our core competences including water treatment system, syrup blending, drinks carbonating and sterilizing system, conveyors system, filling, labeling, date printing, packaging system and blowing system. We hold 'Top Spec Performance' rules, having exported more than 50 countries and area. In the past 5 years, awarded 99% customers positive feedback. We believe business make us friends, business make us close.

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