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    S200DR Vertical Slotting Machine is an PLC controlled machine used for the following operations:
    Slotting of various types of canals in various openings of machine details
    Slotting of orthogonal and involute splines
    Slotting of gear wheels
    Slotting of flat surfaces
    These operations can be performed on details of different sizes and different materials.
    Machines are produced under strict quality control and respond to all safety standards.

    Model Broşür (4.66 MB)

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    The company Unitech-Troyan Ltd. was created in year 2009 in Bulgaria in the city of Troyan. Our product line is composed of Vertical slotting machines: Conventional machines – S200TGI and S315TGI PLC controlled machines - S200DR and S315DR. These machines have two controlled axes – work feed and rotate. By client request we may offer and machines with one or three controlled axes We offer special non-standard machines absolutely customizable by our clients. We perform mechanical processing of large machine details.

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