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    ZEKS Mist Eliminators remove damaging oil mist carryover from oil-lubricated compressors before it flows through air system piping, pneumatic valves and tools, and process equipment. They provide essentially “oil-free” compressed air with the additional benefits of a.5 psid pressure drop and a 10-15 year element life. Conventional filtration used to achieve a similar air quality typically has a pressure drop 6 psid higher than the Mist Eliminator and the service life is much shorter. The Mist Eliminator provides protection in the event of catastrophic failure of the air compressor.

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    Zeks Compressed Air Solutions

    Founded in 1959, ZEKS Compressed Air Solutions (ZEKS) has grown to become a leading manufacturer and provider of compressed air treatment products including refrigerated and regenerative air dryers, filters, mist eliminators, flow controllers, and air system accessories. ZEKS dryers and filters efficiently and reliably remove water and contaminants from compressed air while our flow controllers and accessories optimize the efficiency of compressed air systems. Our products are used to minimize product waste and maximize productivity in virtually every industry, in a broad range of applications.

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